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Harness for Service Dogs

At Taxco Collars and Leashes, we custom make our Harnesses to your dogs measurements.  In doing this we can create a harness that is comfortable and does not have a lot of excess material.  This also gives us the flexibility of making any design you want.  

We offer a choice of three types of harness for your service dog:  Freedom Harness, Sure Fit Harness and Zink Harness.

The Harness that is most popular is the Freedom Harness that consists of a martingale piece on the back and a D- link on the chest.  If you have a dog that pulls, this harness will help with that.  You will need a double snap leash where one snaps on the front D-link and one straps on the martingale D-link.  By having both snaps on the D-links you have total control of your dog.  When the dog pulls the martingale tightens under the dogs shoulder stopping the pulling.  When the dog relaxes and the leash becomes slack, the martingale releases.

Our Sure Fit Harness has two D-link on the font and on the back.  It has 5 points of adjustment for a snug fit.  Quick to put in and take off.  This harness is great for tracking and scent work. This harness is the perfect PALS or service dog harness because you need control of the front of your dog.  The D-link in the front is perfect if you want to take your dog for a stroll and want control in the front.

This Zink harness specifically made for service dogs comes with 2 service dog tags and the option to add a second girth strap and/or a handle.  It gives the dog a full range of motion because we moved the girth strap back from just behind the front legs.  It allows the dog to sniff without tightening around their neck.  The neck strap is moved down to the lowest part of the neck.  As mentioned, this harness can come with a second strap.  If your dog backs out of his collar and leash this will stop that.  The D-link in the front can give you an option if you want or need full control of the front of your dog.Another addition to your ZinK Harness can be a Martingale link.  It is added to the first girth strap.  When you have this when your dog pulls, it will tighten SLIGHTLY around the girth of your dog.  When it stops pulling, bringing the walk back to a slack leash, the grith strap loosens.

Biothane is a leather alternative made of polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean and does not hold onto smell. Its easier to maintain than leather and is available in a variety of different colours. 

The coating makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth and nothing will get stuck to it. So let your pup run in the mud and swim to their heart’s content knowing their Taxco products are going to stay looking and smelling like new!

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