All our products are lovingly handmade to order. Please allow a three (3) week turnaround time.


At Taxco Collars and Leashes, we custom make our Harnesses to your dogs measurements.  In doing this we can create a harness that is comfortable and does not have a lot of excess material.  This also gives us the flexibility of making any design you want.  

For example, if there are a couple of harness designs that you like, we an combine them together to create a harness that unique to both you and your dog. 

The Harness that is most popular is the Freedom Harness that consists of a martingale piece on the back and a D link on the chest.  If you have a dog that pulls, this harness will help with that.

You can purchase a double snap leash to go with your harness that allows you to attach one snap to the chest and one to the martingale on the back.  This way you have total control of your dogs head and back.

Prices start at $45 and go up depending on what you want on the harness, the hardware you choose and the size of your dog.

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